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You first need to prepare the skin for shaving. For this, it is possible to shave after a shower or a bath, or to apply wet and warm towels on the face, as is customary among barbers.


Then comes the application of beard soap using a badger. It is also possible to use shaving foam. Some barbers work without soap. Usually,

the razor is held by the silk, the thumb in front of the index finger and the middle finger, the annular rests on the hook, allowing a better grip of the blade.


The position of the hand varies according to the passage and habits of the user. The first pass is in the direction of the hair, with an angle of about 30 ° between the blade and the skin. It is possible to make a second passage across the hair and a third pass to hairback.


The number of passes depends on the hardness of the hair and the requirement of the user. The use of an alum stone or other aftershave is recommended for its soothing effect on razor burn and coagulating on any cuts.


The method of shaving with a Cut Throat Razor


 French - Cut Throat Razor from Thiers


A straight razor is a razor with a fixed blade, which folds into the hunt (the handle); it is also called saber, open razor and more familiarly "Cut Throat Razor".

Originally, the word referred to a short sword used formerly in the infantry.

It will require, as and when used, a regular sharpening on the leather and, occasionally, a sharpening on a whetstone.

Shaving with a Cut Throat Razor
 requires a little learning and some skill because its open blade can severely cut the skin.

The shaving time is longer but offers a sensation of comfort and incomparable softness!

Shaving Kit, Soap Shaving Brush, Oil...



Shaving brush is a brush used to apply beard soap to a face before shaving it. Traditionally made of badger hair, it also exists in boar bristles, horsehair or synthetic hair.

The badger has two essential uses: it is first of all the tool that, used on a shaving soap or with a shaving cream, allows to create a thick foam that will protect the skin and soften the hairs of the beard. moment of shaving.


The foam is created by wetting the badger and adding the soap or cream, the foam being then formed by a rotational and frictional movement of the brush either in a bowl or directly on the face or in the hand.

In addition to the quality of the product used and the dexterity of the user, the essential characteristic of the brush is its ability to retain a sufficient amount of water, which allows to create a rich and homogeneous foam.


Did you know?

An ancient custom was to use a different sword every day of the week, to let others rest after sharpening. The seven swords presented in a luxurious box called weekly were the very high-end version of the shaving instrument. Another traditional packaging is the leather case, especially for travel.

The art of shaving oneself is called "pogonotomy". If this possibility is obvious today, it was normal until the middle of the twentieth century to be shaved by a barber or, for the richest, by his servants.


Golddachs, a German brand, designs and produces shaving products such as razors, safety razors and shaving soaps. They also manufacture cosmetics for the maintenance of beards and mustaches (oil, wax, tonic care ...). The Golddachs brand also offers a range of accessories for shaving products such as soap bowls or badger holders.


»DOVO« Solingen - a name and a place that represents quality, design and experience. Since 1906, DOVO has been involved daily in the development, design and production of high quality cutting and shaving products. Around the world, you enjoy and use DOVO products, which often last a lifetime.

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