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Cutlery Le pointu - Laguiole Provence
Cutlery Le pointu - Laguiole Provence

Mauviel 1830, flagship of French industry, secular Norman manufactory, creator of culinary emotions, is adorned with copper or stainless steel or aluminum ... Located in Normandy in the heart of the historic copper labor pool, MAUVIEL manufactures utensils cooking for amateurs or professionals of the kitchen!

The Buyer's company has put its know-how at the service of food professionals for more than 180 years. Its products are now accessible to individuals!

They imagine, create and manufacture quality technical utensils that combine robustness and reliability, suitable for gourmets and gourmands, and made in France.

A unique selection of Japanese Kai knives available in our store.

Kai is a manufacturer of Japanese kitchen knives, which has a know-how of more than a century.

Kai is the origin of the famous Shun Damas Inox knives, which is a big hit with the most demanding cooks!



Japanese Kitchen Knives KAI

Collection: Wazabi

Cutlery Le pointu - Laguiole Provence - Japanese Knives Kai/Wasabi

The Japanese KAI Wasabi Black knives are the excellent entry-level knife of the Japanese brand KAI.

Made in Japan with a polished stainless steel blade with a hardness of 58 +/- 1 HRC.

A handle developed for this range, offering optimal hygiene thanks to its mixture of bamboo powder (natural antibacterial) and polypropylene.

These knives are also ideal for large kitchens such as restaurant kitchens.


Japanese Kitchen Knives KAI

Collection: Seki Magoroku Red Wood

Cutlery Le pointu - Japanese Knives Kai/Seki Magoruku

Seki Magoroku Red Wood from KAI is the modern evolution of the traditional Japanese knife (produced for centuries with the same shape). Now the series is completed with symmetrical blades.

Seki Magoroku knives charm with their polished white steel blade with very high carbon content and therefore very high cutting quality (58 ± 1 HRC hardness).

The chestnut-shaped handle is made of Bubinga (red wood), a wood naturally rich in oils and therefore almost insensitive to water.

The polypropylene bolster harmonizes elegantly between the blade and the wooden handle.

To recommend to professionals, as well as to cooking enthusiasts.


Japanese Kitchen Knives KAI

Collection: Shun Classic

Cutlery Le pointu - Japanese Kitchen Knives Kai - Classic Shun Damas


The Shun Classic knife series is one of the widest ranges of damask knives in the world and has an unmatched success with the elite chefs and demanding cooks.

The Shun Classic knives are made of stainless steel damask, consisting of 32 layers with a VG-10 core.


This cutting blade, combined with the balanced weight of the knife, allows work without fatigue.


Japanese Kitchen Knives KAI

Collection: Shun Premier

Cutlery Le pointu - Japanese Kitchen Knives Kai - Shun Premier Damas


The KAI Shun Premier Tim Malzer series, made from VG-MAX (VG-10) 32-layer damask steel.

The blade is hammered by hand, known in Japan as Tsuchime, combining timeless aesthetic qualities with an exceptional sharpness.

Faithful to Tim Malzer's principle, a good knife not only makes work easier, it also helps to keep things running smoothly.

The symmetry of the cutting edges and the walnut handle ensure a precision cutting performance for both right and left handers.


Japanese Kitchen Knives KAI

Collection: Michel Bras

Cutlery Le pointu - Japanese Kitchen Knives Kai - Michel Bras


For all lovers of haute cuisine: a finely polished edge, a grip as the object is forgotten and a great elegance! These are the characteristics of the range designed by Michel Bras.

Placed under the double sign of "Beau and Bon", these knives achieve a perfect fusion between aesthetics and gastronomy.
The Michel Bras knives are the perfect partner for lovers of great culinary art.


Japanese Kitchen Knives KAI

Collection: Kai Shun Nagare

Cutlery Le pointu - Japanese Kitchen Knives Kai - Shun Nagare Damas


The Japanese kitchen knives Kai Shun Nagare are the novelty of the firm KAI for the year 2017.
The blades are damascus steel 72 layers dual core.

The sleeves are in PakkaWood

Produced in Seki, the cutlery capital of Japan is an excellent knife whose choice of blades will delight the most advanced users.


Japanese Kitchen Knives KAI

Collection: Kai Shun Pro Sho

Cutlery Le pointu - Japanese Kitchen Knives Kai - Shun Pro Sho Damas


The KAI Shun Pro Sho series masterfully combines avant-garde details and design.

The exceptional quality and unique look of this series are the hallmarks of the long tradition of KAI products.

The black pakka wood handle is a real pleasure for the hand.

The VG-10 blade is ornamentally engraved with innovative technology.
Sharpened on one side, the knife with extraordinary sharpness slice with softness and precision.

German Kitchen Knives Zwilling



Since 1731, ZWILLING has been producing high-end knives, recognized for their level of excellence.

Steel, ZWILLING special formula, will delight you with its optimal balance, chrome and carbon; the secret of a particularly high quality steel. They are exceptionally durable, corrosion resistant and flexible.

Thanks to its V-Edge profile, the knife slides effortlessly through the food to be cut.

Its strong wire makes it possible to obtain excellent cutting performance for the highest requirements. The sharp angle ensures an even better starting edge for even greater cutting pleasure.

The classic of professional cooking. The three rivets design with continuous silk will delight you with its optimal balance.

Cutlery Le pointu - Kitchen Knives - Zwilling


Thiers Kitchen Knives Sabatier K

Cutlery Le pointu - Kitchen Knives - Sabatier K


The prestigious Sabatier K knife brand has been part of the heritage of Thiers for more than 200 years. This French manufacturer offers functional knives with a sober and timeless style.

All these kitchen knives are entirely forged from a single piece of metal (blade - bolster - silk) with steel Z50C13.

The steels used to design a sabatier knife are worked in the best conditions to be the most durable.

The materials of the sleeves (high-end wood, synthetic, ABS ...) ensure a pleasant grip.

Opt for a block or box of sabatier knives for crisp and precise daily cuts!

Kyocera ceramic Knives



Japanese quality since 1984
Thanks to the characteristics of Kyocera ceramic knives, cooking becomes a pure pleasure:


  • A very sharp blade hand cut in ceramic zirconia.


  • One blade at a time very robust, resistant to corrosion and extremely flexible.

  • High-tech equipment with a very long life.


  • A dense and smooth blade surface that guarantees absolutely precise cutting.


  • An ultralight knife with an ergonomic handle.

Cutlery Le pointu - Kyocera Ceramic Kitchen Knives
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